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May 25 2017

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Shaved Ice Machines

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Begin your snow cone bash the best manner using a Snow cone Party Bunch from Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machines. This all inclusive snow cone machine bundle contains everything you’ll should make snow cones that are tasty, refreshing right in the comfort of your house. Perfect for novice snow cone lovers or refreshment in a gay celebration, both you as well as your nearest and dearest may take pleasure in the goodies created by this high quality shaved ice-machine.

In addition, it comes with 1- containers of 3 bottle pours, 25 straws, 25 snow-cone cups and blue and grape raspberry syrups to generate helping your home made shaved snow appear specialist and ornamental. This whole bundle is totally child-friendly at the same time, as well as your kids will want to make snow cones at family gatherings, birthday celebrations or simply on summer days that are normal.

Included in the package is:

• Hawaiian Snow Cone Machine S700
• 1 Pint of premium Cherry Syrup (16 oz)
• 1 Pint of premium Grape Syrup (16 oz)
• 1 Pint of premium Blue Raspberry Syrup (16 oz)
• 25 Spoon Straws
• 25 Snow Cone Cups
• 3 Bottle Pourers

To see the differences between the S700 Hawaiian Snow Cone Machine and the S900A Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine.

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Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine
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